Modern Dining in Fond du Lac, WI

Enjoy a Magical Dining Experience at Our Club

Dining at South Hills Golf & Country Club comes with many perks, including beautiful scenery, an impressive menu, and attentive service to keep your glass full. Our modern dining experience in Fond du Lac, WI includes seating with views overlooking the pool and a panoramic perspective of our scenic golf course. You enjoy your meal surrounded by rustic charm while feasting on an innovative menu of traditional fares in hearty portions, such as flavorful Angus steaks, chicken piccatta and unique and delicious flatbreads. We use only fresh, local ingredients to create our menu and ensure every dish is prepared with the utmost care in cooking and seasoning the food to perfection. Overlooking the pool, with panoramic views of our scenic golf course, South Hills restaurant offers rustic charm and an innovative menu of hearty traditional fare.

Review Our Collection of Services for Members & Guests

South Hills Golf & Country Club has more to offer our guests and members than a stellar menu and dining arrangements. Our social club is ideal for holding various special events, including business meetings, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions. We open our doors to members and non-members who wish to schedule an event at our location, so pristine landscape views and elegant banquets and parties are available to the entire community. If you are an avid golfer, you must try your skills at our challenging 164-acre course. Our greens and fairways are complete with elevation changes and scenic willows, wildlife, and DeNeveu Creek. The entire family is welcome at our private club to enjoy an escape from daily life. We have a pool for you to cool off in during the sunny summer months, indoor and outdoor dining, and other activities to delight family members.

We Make Arrangements for Dining & Special Events

While our regular menu for members and guests is innovative and flavorful, you might have needs and preferences for your specific dining event. Our staff can accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, and other complications to ensure diners are completely satisfied with their meals without risking reactions or violating their eating regimens. Special events like business meetings, weddings, and birthdays tend to include various refreshments like coffee or lemonade and confections of all kinds, including cakes, cookies, and pastries. We work with you on your special event details, such as décor, service staff, food, and beverages, to ensure you have all you need to provide a memorable time for all attendants.

Why Choose South Hills Golf & Country Club?

Generations of local community residents have supported and enjoyed all South Hills Golf & Country Club offers for many reasons. We are a historical private club that is inclusive and family-oriented, and our club carries decades of history as a Wisconsin social establishment. While our members and their guests frequent our club for dining and golfing, non-members have the opportunity to indulge in our splendorous landscape views and finely prepared, fresh, local cuisine by booking their events with us. You also get unmatched service from our attentive staff while spending time at our club. We hold our establishment to the highest standards in every aspect, from the quality of ingredients in our kitchen to the cleanliness and appeal inside and outside our walls, including the golf course. Choosing us as a place to spend your leisure time and plan special events ensures you get the best out of your investment.

Impeccable Services to Fulfill Your Dining Needs

Whether you are enjoying a meal on a leisurely weekday evening or attending a lavish celebration on our terrace or inside a banquet room, South Hills Golf & Country Club make your time special. We do this with unparalleled quality, both in our food and beverages and the service you receive. Our club values your satisfaction, which is why we make simple modern dining and extravagant events more convenient for everyone in attendance. We have a highly trained staff ready to cater to your event planning and execution, starting with site choice and decorations through saying goodbye to guests and putting away the tables. Every step of your wedding, anniversary, or business meeting gets attention to detail and courteous service. Even our everyday dining members and guests get this same commitment to their happiness, from the cooks preparing flavorful food from the freshest ingredients to our friendly and responsive waitstaff.

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South Hills Golf & Country Club welcomes members and guests to our historic location. Take in a challenging round of golf, enjoy the scenic countryside views while eating dinner, or tie the knot with an appetizing menu for your guests in a beautiful indoor or outdoor space. If you have questions, need to schedule a special event, or have an interest in joining our private club, contact us today to speak with a staff member.